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Textile Collaboration with Dowel Furniture

Posted by Booster Apps on

I'm excited to announce my textile collaboration with Dowel Furniture.  Dowel Furniture offers chairs "built to last" at "prices within reach."  It is affordable furniture with solid construction and high-quality raw materials put together by craftsmen that have been making furniture for over twenty years.  With Dowel you can choose a frame, choose a finish, and choose my fabric, or any fabric they offer, or you can customize with your own material and have it delivered directly to you.  Quality and customization at a price that won't break the bank.
I chose to partner with Dowel because I believe in the hand craftsmanship and construction of pieces with dowels and corner blocks that go into every chair.  They carry heritage pieces that have timeless style and will last generation after generation.  If that's not convincing enough, read more about this in Dowel's "Quality Series" on their blog.
photo courtesy of Dowel Furniture
Please head on over to Dowel's site to see the offering my "Halfpipe" fabric on multiple chair frames.   You can read more about our collaboration on Dowel's blog and check out the Designer Profile that Dowel wrote about me, where you'll get a little insight on some of my favorite things.

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