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Market Stalls @ BDC

Posted by Cecilia Walker on

photo courtesy of Amber Waterhouse

Yesterday the Boston Design Center introduced The Market Stalls — a dedicated space reserved for high-end individual antique dealers featuring wares from across the globe, representing a mix of period furniture; lighting and art from the 17th to 20th centuries; and art galleries targeted to interior designers, architects, consumers, and design enthusiasts.

Two of the vendors (see full lineup here) happen to be my friends Amber Waterhouse of Waterhouse, and Tracy Foley of Water & Main, and I am thrilled to see their furnishings and style on display in this great new space.  I wasn’t able to attend the unveiling at the Spring Showcase yesterday, but am excited to share a glimpse into what their stalls look like and what Amber & Tracy have curated.

Waterhouse at the Market Stalls:

photo courtesy of Amber Waterhouse

and an étagère vignette in the space…

photo courtesy of Amber Waterhouse

Water & Main at the Market Stalls:

photo courtesy of Tracy Foley

The scale of the vintage 48-star American flag is so striking (above), and a cool vintage rattan club chair…

photo courtesy of Amber Waterhouse

I will look forward to visiting their spaces each time I’m at the Design Center to see what they’ve newly uncovered.



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