Brimfield 2015



The Brimfield Antique Show, runs three times a year, in May, July and September, and is highly anticipated by thousands.  Friends and clients started asking a couple of weeks ago, “Are you going?” and then, “When?”  Every show is a different experience for me.  It’s thrilling and maddening at the same time.  I love meeting Tracy — who I’ve nicknamed the Brimfield Navigator — because she’s got an eye for finding unique pieces that you’ll never uncover again.  But to go and feel like you’ve “seen” everything, will never happen — at least on my visits.  The no-pressure trips, are good when there’s not one particular thing I’m looking to buy, like a console, a mirror, or a table, for example, but you tend to peruse slower, so I think you can get through the fields faster if you are zoned in on finding a few items.

This week I went on opening day, when many fields and dealers are still closed or setting up.  I always like to pay attention to new trends and repetitive themes with the things dealers are repurposing or collecting, and so far nothing really struck me except the vendors’ displays, like the cement baby-doll head planter (image above),  which, whether funny or sick(?) was striking.  Then another dealer, who had planned to use old factory chains to create lighting, had strewn them over a couple of mannequins captioning them with gold letters spelling out “HOME DECOR.”


The eye-catching themes turned to morbid as one vendor showed us a glass-top table that someone bought for their New York kitchen.  He told us the base had been a pig slaying table, with slats so that the blood could drain out, and thought is was ironic that people would be eating off it.  A few aisles down, another repurposed table had been a gurney from a morgue.  I was curious to see who’d pick that up?

Shock-value things aside, I did like the creativity of these music pages turned into flowers.



Then, the things grouped in multiples….

This pile of rolled maps from Germany was so tempting to sort through!



Natural and textural, I loved these oversized pendants.



Stacks of wooden bee-hive trays underneath a ten foot table and really cool concrete planter.



Hmmm…chains again.



I did take home a couple of these pendants from Touch of Grey Antiques in S. Portland, Maine.  The owner had just come back from Europe with these hand-spun milk glass shades from Belgium.  Mixed with aged brass fittings, I just had to.


I am hoping to make one last trip out to Brimfield over the weekend, so hopefully I’ll have more to share!

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