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Elsewhere: New Year, New Trends & New Health

Posted by Cecilia Walker on

photo by Lucie Wicker

Happy 2015!  A new year brings on a new outlook, new trends, health resolutions and overall wellness goals.  The only “looking back” I’ve done is to recap my favorite rooms of 2014, but otherwise I’ve resolved myself to acknowledge that the past is in the past.  Good, bad, beautiful or ugly, there’s no need to dwell or reminisce.  I have to remind myself that what’s important is what’s in front of me today.  This moment, the “right now,” is what matters.

Last year, I took Heather Clawson’s manifesting advice, and wrote down my list of goals, and as Heather suggested, committing to a list of “I Will”s, rather than trying to break bad habits, actually worked.  I had set sixteen specific goals and crossed off all but three as of last week.  I also had been inspired to one mantra, “Make a Difference.” I’m not sure I did that, but today it reminded me of scientific studies that show how the effects of acts of kindness increase seratonin levels, not only in the recipient of the kind gesture, but also the giver and an observer of the act as well.  We can try to make change and, at the very least, be more compassionate.

Gretchen Comly, a jewelry and fashion designer, picks one word for her new year’s resolution.  One year she picked, “truth” — what it embodies.  I really like that idea.  She asked me for a word.  I gave her “authentic” — about being true to yourself and following your heart.  Authentic makes me think of Neil Pasricha’s “3 A’s of Awesome” lecture, which I do go back to as a reminder to have gratitude.

So, with a new list of “I Will”s, and this year’s one word mantra, “Authentic,” I welcome today, and start it with gratitude.

I’d love to hear anyone else’s New Year’s rituals, but for now will send you elsewhere for 2015 inspiration:

1)  Design for Mankind’s Erin Loechner actually sets “Non-Goals” every year.  Check out her list for 2015.

2)  Thank you to Marni Elyse Katz and Matouk for including me in the company of talents on The Thread’s, “Top Decor Trends for 2015.”

3)  The photo above, was taken by Lucie Wicker, for one of my dearest friends, Kiki, whose new website launched this month — and yes, that’s me on the mat.  Kiki has single-handedly changed the way my family eats.  She has consulted my nephew’s Crohns diet, and led me to eat healthy, clean foods over several years.  My latest Kiki-inspired “life eating” is to reduce our gluten intake, not spurred by a celiac sensitivity (though we do have other food allergies in my family), but because my sister sent me this article on wheat.  Head over to Kiki’s new site, Kiki Walker Wellness, and have her coach you into a healthier lifestyle.


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