Music Stirs My Soul

I’m taking a pause from blogging about design or fashion, because right now I’m so inspired by music.  Actually, it’s not just “right now” but always — I’m ALWAYS inspired by music.  If you don’t follow me on Twitter, then you probably don’t know that I’m a huge fan of The Voice.  I thought everyone watched The Voice, until last week when my kids and I met Kristen Merlin at a local Apple store.  It was the coolest coincidence that we were in line right behind her, and got the chance to talk to her and meet her guitarist, Steve Ohlson.  Kristen was so kind and shared what she had been up to — her new EP Boomerang is expected to release January 20, 2015.  I was surprised that no one else recognized her or was as excited as I was.  So my kids clued me in, “Mom, not everyone is a freak about The Voice, like you are.”  Okay, got it.  Thanks kids, for the reality check.

It just so happens that this week the winner of The Voice was picked by popular vote.  And whether or not you watch The Voice or even care, this is my only statement.  #TeamAdam was robbed.

Voice fan or not, if you are like me and love “live” music performances, then you have to watch these from the Finale show:


An alternative girl at heart, I love pop and hip-hop.  Though these were my favorites of the Finale show, other standouts were Ed Sheeran and Bruno Mars’ performances (check them out).

Have a great weekend!  I’ll be listening to Jessie J’s Masterpiece ad nauseam.

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