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Post & Beam Studio

Posted by Cecilia Walker on


photo by Cecilia Walker

I had cleared my schedule mid-week to do something outside my norm, and spent the day at Lucie Wicker‘s photography studio in Cohasset to help out Kiki Walker Wellness with styling some photos.  Kiki is launching a new website design in the next few weeks, and Lucie specializes in fitness lifestyle and activewear photography, so for me — where fashion and interiors dominate my thoughts  — this was a cool experience to mix fitness with design.

The photography studio is up on the 2nd level of a barn with post and beam construction and lots of natural light.  But what everyone notices upon entering is a center post with live edge braces.


photo by Cecilia Walker


photo by Cecilia Walker

When I arrived, I said to Lucie, “It looks like a cactus.”  Then moments later, Meredith Tedford, one of the fitness models, commented exactly the same as she glanced up.

Spending the day in the barn studio made me crave a rustic space, and so I recall some of my favorite post and beam images:

photo by Miguel Flores-Vianna

photo by Miguel Flores-Vianna

A great room in an Idaho home by M. Elle Design.


photo by William Waldron

Meg Ryan’s beach house.

And #8 of one my favorite rooms of 2013 — a home in Napa Valley, here.

Thanks to Kiki, Lucie and Meredith for a fun photo shoot!  Believe it or not it’s a coincidence that Kiki and I share the last name.  She is not related to me, except that we’ve been friends since high school.  I’m excited to see her new website design and all of the photos from that day — at least I think I am…I helped out by modeling too (yikes)!

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