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Elsewhere: Desperately Seeking Sheila

Posted by Cecilia Walker on


photo: Cecilia Walker

It’s rare for me to read through a new issue of one of my shelter magazines and not earmark a page, or reach the back cover without feeling inspired by something.  Dare I say…to even think “boring” as I turn page after page?  Maybe it’s because sometimes, I tend to steer left.  And today was one of those days.

Having driven forty-five minutes from home to do a yoga class at a new studio with a friend I haven’t seen in over a year, I was already a little out of my norm.  But buying my first pair of Birkenstocks (albeit, fashionable metallic-gold thongs — still, something I thought I’d never succumb to), having a conversation post-yoga down an aisle in Whole Foods about the cricket flour my friend had sampled (yes! CRICKETS – of the backyard species), and then reading Alexa Chung‘s book, It, in one sitting this evening, I guess got me into a break-all-the-rules, Save the World, Rock-n-Roll Will Never Die mindset.  Which brings me to Sheila.

Sheila Igoe, is my graphic designer friend who moved to Singapore last year.  Today, all signs pointed to Sheila:  the friend I met, is also a friend of hers;  the Birkenstocks — I’m still stewing on this purchase — I mean how do you go from a die-hard Vans fan to ugly comfort?  (A check-in with my Vans pal well needed.); and as I finished It, I couldn’t wait for Sheila to get her copy (which I sent to her the same day I bought mine).

You see, Sheila IS a great source of inspiration for me, and when together, our minds endlessly tailspin from one creative idea to the next.  So, I’ve decided to share some things that make us tick:

1)  Both Californians, Sheila and I grew up wearing Vans and love the iconic diamond checkered and honeycomb patterned soles.  So naturally, she tipped me off on the House of Vans in London (and even spied a “3”…for Everything in 3’s)

2)  Sheila likes to see what my workspace looks like on a given day, so the picture (above) is what it looks like today.  Made me feel better after reading in It, that Alexa Chung is incredibly messy, whose floor is like an “oil spill of clothes” (if oil was clothes), she claims.

3)  Sheila has a degree in fashion.  Me, a background in fashion.  So, coming off of New York and London Fashion weeks, Spring 2015 reviews would have us in a frenzy.  Thus, my impulse purchase of tree-hugging sandals on a 50-degree day in Boston.  But check it out for yourself:   Burberry & Birkenstocks at London Fashion Week, and Bloomberg Businessweek “...Still Ugly…But Cool.”

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