I did the ALS #IceBucketChallenge

I was trying to stay undercover.  I had an idea about the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge when I caught glimpses of videos, and, yes, my interest grew when some of my favorite musicians and celebrities took on buckets of ice.  But still, would have preferred to have made a donation online,  rather than be called out by a friend to take on freezing water and make a video.

So what changed my perspective?  Corey Griffin, and his tragic accident on Nantucket last week.  The news headlines, and stories I’ve heard from friends, are gut-wrenching, spiritual and inspiring.  His dedication to raise money for ALS, and his friendship with Pete Frates is a reason to keep the awareness going.

So when my friend Mary Beth nominated me, I accepted.


Others have asked what some of my favorite challenges have been?  Here they are:

Also, loved Jonathan Toews‘, Will Smith’s,  Justin Timberlake’s and Jimmy Fallon‘s exchange!  And was deeply touched by Anthony Carbajal:

Added 8/22 7:51pm:  But so far, my nephew/(cousin, really) gets an A+ for originality!  Way to go Justin!

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