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California High & Connecting Dots

Posted by Cecilia Walker on


photo by Cecilia Walker

I’m slowly coming off a high from a recent visit to California — lots of childhood memories mixed with sun, surf, friends and family.  So, it was coincidental when a couple of days ago, Carolann Burke from Lee Jofa (Boston) tipped me off on Town & Country’s Portfolio of Los Angeles, declaring it as the “New Capital of Cool.”

As I read through various articles about L.A.’s style makers, and what L.A. photographer, Catherine Opie, suggests every visitor should do, I found myself drifting to images still fresh in my mind.  A couple of the articles feature or mention Moby, who I admit I knew little about, until I was invited to a television taping (whilst on our trip) for a TBS reality show, where Moby was a celebrity guest judge.  The vegan part I found out about that day, when production assistants were scrambling to accommodate his diet after offering non-acceptable fare in the green room.  But, I liked getting more insight behind the artistic genius (here).  And, I loved what Los Angeles Times fashion critic Booth Moore has to say about the flourishing design, fashion, art and food culture in L.A. — that there’s a freedom to express individuality and a “mentality that anyone can do anything.”


Which then brought me to a home-delivered high — in the form of another glossy: Traditional Home’s September 2014 issue, with dedicated features celebrating the synergy between fashion and interior design.  On the cover is the coastal home of Ann Taylor’s CEO, Kay Krill.  Almost twenty years ago, I worked on the Merchandising team at Ann Taylor, and sat in many Monday morning meetings with Kay.  It’s inspiring to know that she worked her way to CEO, and to see her style carried through in her living spaces.

This week felt a little like returning to find the things that I love…a little bit of “connecting the dots” as referenced by Steve Jobs’ 2005 commencement address.  It left me contemplating life.

Heck, with two J.Lo sightings inside ten days in Hollywood…Anything IS possible.


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