California Architecture

Growing up in California, I remember at a young age paying attention to the different architecture that surrounded me — from contemporary adobe homes, to Spanish colonials, tudors and Mission-style bungalows.  As new homes were being built in my neighborhood and construction crews left at dusk, my brothers, sister and I would wander through the framed structures, imagining which spaces would be what rooms, and how we’d design the spaces — and then we’d pick our bedrooms.

What was fun and games back then, is a passion for me now.

Being back here on vacation, allows me to appreciate California architecture more…

This house was re-built on a lot in my neighborhood…and is probably my favorite!  The materials, the windows, the colors…it all speaks to everything I love — especially the repetition of rectangles in the driveway, walkways, windows and garage doors, and the stonework along the facade.


photo by Cecilia Walker

And on a drive in Malibu, I had to capture a shot of these two homes.

photo by Cecilia Walker

photo by Cecilia Walker

The juxtaposition of the bright paint and circular art work on one facade, to the rigid, yet airy, square grid frame and fence of the adjacent home — and both sitting on natural stonework driveways — is captivating and stunning!

Feels good to be back.

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