Everything in 3’s Merge

For over a year, I’ve contemplated different branding and social media strategies.  At a time when I felt overwhelmed and under-inspired, I even considered quitting blogging — but committed to posting at least once a week after an ambitious first year of aiming to blog 3-4 times a week.  Over the years, Everything in 3’s has undergone three design changes;  from it’s original concept, to a logo that defined the blog’s intent & content (below), and most recently to a more visually-navigated look of circles.  The blog is about design and trends in fashion but with a spin on threes — because I have triplets and because the Rule of Three is a principle in design — with the 3 categories, Design, Fashion and Life.



However, last month, my design site started having some issues…and was crawling at a speed much too slow for my liking.  In an attempt to change web hosting, a few serendipitous events occurred — leading me to make a decision (that I had actually set in my goal list) to merge the two URLs into one.

I will continue blogging, because I AM inspired by design, fashion and life — and it’s a great way to share what makes me tick, with whoever feels like reading.  The only changes you’ll find is that it may be less “threes” inspired, and the blog may be a different click away.


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