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{Ei3s} Elsewhere: What’s Cool & What’s Not

Posted by Cecilia Walker on

I think about re-designing my websites almost as much as I do re-arranging furniture in a room.  I’ll see a cool layout, new fonts or astounding images, and the wheels start spinning in my head.  Back in January, I re-designed this blog to display more images on the homepage vs. a lineup of recent posts.   I removed the sidebar and added the circles, and was digging the cleaner, simpler visual experience.  But recently, I hopped over to the Novogratzes site and (as with everything they do) was totally inspired by the graphics and the scrolling features, even before I could view their amazing projects!  Naturally, it got me thinking about what’s evolving and trending in the world of website design.

Screen Shot 2014-06-27 at 4.54.03 PM

I am forever grateful to Sheila at IgoeCreative as she helped me conceptualize this blog, designed all of my logos, and made brainstorming ideas a reality for me here and on my company site.  She has been a gift in my life, even though now she’s across the globe!  I miss having Sheila-access, and her creative brain at my side!

Cue in, Evan Volgas.  I “met” Evan via a WordPress job board at the suggestion of WP theme designer, Caroline Moore.  Evan helped me with the Ei3’s re-design, and his team at KarmaKazi Creative has been wonderful to work with.  I recently had the opportunity to dual task — to do an interview and a product review — for Korchmar, where Evan shares some interesting thoughts on website design and trends.  I learned a lot from that interview and from other conversations with him about what’s next…


photo by Nancy Thanki

So today, I’ll send you elsewhere, to read about what Evan and other sources think are what’s hot and what’s not.

1)  The Urban Dictionary’s definition of “karmakazi” is a contrary to what I found with the innovative minds at KarmaKazi Creative.  Read my interview with co-founder, Evan Volgas, and what he thinks about website trends, here.

2)  What Forbes thinks.

3)  Phrases like “interactive exploring,” “big content blocks,” and “parallax scrolling” (which is what the Novogratz site does with a “flat design”) were introduced to me by Evan Volgas.  Read the “must haves and say good-bye to’s” with two interesting point of views:  by Helga Moreno on JustCreative, and why trends in web design change as quickly as fashion — and a case for why what I thought was ultra cool, may be gone next month!  Read over on Design Your Way.

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