Poolside Trunk Show

Yesterday, I attended a trunk show held by E.B. Designs.  My Water & Main and Waterhouse friends were featuring their vignettes poolside amongst E.B. Designs’ tabletop, home decor, jewelry, apparel and accessories.


Water & Main

Waterhouse, Hingham

Waterhouse, Hingham

I was introduced to jewelry designer, Kerrin Falk Forsyth, and loved her precious coral necklaces.  Kerrin’s story about her childhood is endearing, as well as the history behind the rare attributes of coral:

“As early as the 1st millennium precious coral gathered in the Mediterranean was actively traded as far away as India where it was believed to be endowed with mysterious sacred properties. Among the Romans, branches of red coral were hung around children’s necks to preserve them from danger, and the substance had many medicinal virtues attributed to it…”

Falk Jewelry Designs

Falk Jewelry Designs

It’s always inspiring to meet new artists and style makers, and…all 3 have something to do with “water.”  Waterhouse has regular store hours, located in downtown Hingham;  and Water & Main will be hosting another trunk show at Found Home in Chatham, next month — contact Tracy for details.


photos (1,2) by Cecilia Walker;  (3) Falk Jewelry Designs


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