#Brimfield & A Bash


I spent a couple of days this week out at #Brimfield, and last night attended an event at Mally Skok‘s home.

When walking through the fields at Brimfield, I like to get a pulse on emerging trends…as more often than not, I’ve seen original craftsmanship reproduced and mass-marketed months later.  However, this trip I tended to notice disappearing trends — i.e. a lack of military-influence, which seemed more predominant the last two shows.  While some will disagree, industrial goods are here to stay — we’ve seen  dealers and artisans for the past five years, re-inventing and salvaging old factory pieces –and for me, this aesthetic will never tire.  I love hearing the history behind each creation.  A standout was these print-roll floor lamps from Moss Studios — something I hadn’t seen before.


After helping Tracy Foley from Water & Main, load up her truck with her Brimfield finds, we dusted off and cleaned up for an event at designer, Mally Skok’s, home.  Mally’s party was a great opportunity to see all of the rooms in her house that have the Mally Skok Design treatment!  One of the bedrooms, showcased her latest Brimfield-inspired design, “Brimfield.” Her home, her patterns — especially in wallpaper — and her cooking are spectacular!  Take a look at the cupcakes, donned with Mally’s Rohet Flora

Instagram by Dana Kabshura

Instagram by Dana Kabshura

It was a fun evening with a group of talents from Boston’s design community.  Check out scenes from the party via #MallysBash.  Thank you, Mally!

 photos:  (1) by Ei3s; (2) by Dana Kabshura

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