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Posted by Cecilia Walker on


It’s amazing to be a part of an old friend, Amber Waterhouse‘s creative journey.  Back in November, we took an hour-long walk through World’s End, and caught up after months of not seeing each other.  Having worked at the same company and in the same industry for years, we have much in common — work memories;  work friends;  children the same age;  and similar creative passions.  So, an hour power walk is jam-packed with idea-sharing and brainstorming.  One idea, of which, was an opportunity for Amber to take on a new venture…Waterhouse!

Waterhouse is an antique shop located in downtown Hingham that officially opened last week.  Amber spent her childhood watching her mother curate pieces for her own store.  Add that lifelong experience to a background in corporate retail, buying and merchandising — it was a no-brainer.  Amber can run this business successfully (practically with her eyes closed), and Waterhouse doubles as a gallery for her paintings (amongst other artists).

When I turned the corner, and got my first glance at the shop, I gasped!  Her hand-carved wood store sign in Navy, the striped and scalloped awning, and the blue shop door… is perfect!  In one impression, you can understand Amber’s style.  What can I say?  I love my uber-talented, friends that tackle the balancing act of motherhood as well!

Here’s some of Amber’s own art in her shop…




Head over to Amber’s online studio to see more of her work.  I bought this painting (below) because one of my fondest memories is from right at this spot — on a bike, in San Francisco.  I wish you could see the detail of the cars and people on the bridge, and the way Amber captured that time of day…from an early morning last summer.


Waterhouse | 106 North Street, Hingham, MA 02043 | 617.680.6668

photos by Ei3s

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