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A Client’s Fine Art

Posted by Cecilia Walker on

A couple of days ago, Dulcey and I went back to a client’s house to style a few rooms for a photo shoot.  Months ago, when we had worked on the design plans, we knew that our client had an extensive collection of art — each piece with either family history or narrative behind it.  When installations were done, we had a storage room full of art to look at and chose from, and the discovery process was a bit thrilling!  As we spent our morning, re-arranging and setting the spaces, we talked with our clients about some of our favorite pieces.

I don’t have photos of our project, nor our client’s art to share yet, but have examples of some of the work from three of the artists featured in their home.

Blue Beach Umbrellas acrylic on linen 24" x26" © Meg Lindsay

Blue Beach Umbrellas acrylic on linen 24″ x26″ © Meg Lindsay

Our client has several of Meg Lindsay‘s paintings — landscape and abstract — hung in their living room, and one of her boys’ rooms.

Untitled, painting & drawing media/canvas, 21" x 32", '06

Untitled, painting & drawing media/canvas, 21″ x 32″, ’06 | ©Moses Hoskins

Visual artist, Moses Hoskins, works in mixed media, abstractly and nonrepresentationally.  “Art for its own sake” — focused on line, edge, spatial balance and color.

Murray Hill Hotel Spiral, New York, 1935

Murray Hill Hotel Spiral, New York, 1935

Berenice Abbott photographed throughout New York City in the 1930s, and one of her photos from her Changing New York collection, depicts our clients’ family heritage from the 1600s.



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