Grate-ful Patriotism


I spent a few days in Washington D.C. and made a visit to the National WWII Memorial, where I snapped this photo of the design in the grates that surround the fountains.  I have an affinity for our grand old flag, and red, white and blue.  So the pattern of stars and stripes quickly caught my eye.

The main circle around the stars (as I interpret) symbolizes unity — and perhaps, the unprecedented unity of the nation during WWII.  The arc and spherical design in the borders, mimic the semi-circular fountains in the Rainbow Pool, as well as the curvilinear ramps.  A circle-themed aesthetic continues throughout the Memorial as with the oak and bronze wreaths that adorn each pillar.

It’s quite a humbling, and serene place to reflect and pay tribute to our great nation and our veterans.


all photos by Ei3s


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