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Graffiti Trend in 2014

Posted by Cecilia Walker on

Graffiti and wearable art in fashion, although seen on the Celine and Christian Dior runways for Spring 2014 RTW  — and as early as two years ago, Pre-Fall 2012 — have not hit mainstream consciousness yet, but will.  Perhaps in small doses, if you consider a Hugo Guinness T-shirt for J.Crew, graffiti?  The trend is not going away either.  Prada’s 2014 collection features multiple pieces, including printed fur, inspired by art.


Runway photo Kenzo 2014 by Yannis Vlamos | 1.  Cedric Charlier skirt,  2. Giles dress, 3.  Life is Beautiful wallet, Etsy,  4.  Hudson jeans,  5. Adidas by Jeremy Scott

Crossover to interiors, no doubt will occur.  Art is the easiest trend translation (as with neon lighting that I alluded to, here.)  My favorite graffiti paintings come from the fearless and sometimes politically incorrect Nantucket artist, Stephen Pitliuk.  One day, one of his will grace my walls…


Graffiti art:  1.  Stephen Pitliuk, “I saw a Nantucket driver hurry to pull out in front of me so that they could go 12 mph” 2013, mixed media on canvas 30 x 40  2.  Chris Riggs, Large Love Abstract, on canvas 45″ x 29″  3.  Etsy, 8 x 10 print

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