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Trade Secrets & Thoughts on Trends

Posted by Cecilia Walker on

Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 1.35.58 AM Thank you to Louis Postel for including me in his New England Home feature, “Trade Secrets.”  In the January-February 2014 issue, my input to “Wave of the Future” was about the timing of trends to mainstream thought and marketplace, and how it affects the way homeowners disseminate that information to decorate.  Sites like Houzz and Pinterest are great resources for clients and designers to collaborate and share ideas, but sometimes you start to see the same things…the same images, over and over.  What seems fresh, gets tired faster.  When you are involved in the industry, color palettes, patterns and fabrics that we see earlier, seem to “catch on” well after we’ve overdosed on them.  But hopefully, that’s where our clients will find value.  The internet has made once “To the Trade only” resources highly accessible, so the interior design industry has changed…especially since the days that my mom was dictating pricing.  But design and home spaces are so personal that even though Houzz and Pinterest will fuel inspiration, designers can continue to help clients hone in and achieve the look and style they want, along with functionality — and while current trends motivate us to freshen up looks, what ends up defining our homes, is filling them with things that we love and that are meaningful. I mentioned how gold and brass finishes are trending.  That is synonymous in fashion and interiors, and something I’ve discussed throughout the year here, here and here.  I still catch myself saying, “It’s all about brass, glass, and bad-ass.”  The bad-ass?  Think graffiti in art — like the neon lighting designs at 47 Park Avenue — punk and rock-n-roll.  And hell, if you don’t like any of it, don’t buy into it.  Even though I think gold finishes with patina will stick around like skinny jeans have, spray painting your walls may fade as quickly as peplums did. Check out the full issue (below).  I already have a “favorite room” contender for 2014, by Phoebe Lovejoy Russell, on p. 103.  And, a minor correction — I did not graduate from Boston College in 1986, I started in ’86 and graduated in 1990.  But for a minute, it was kinda cool to think about walking through the Dust Bowl during Doug Flutie’s era, and contemplate life at the cusp of age 50.  (If math isn’t your thing, then you can have me hovering in the mid-30s, and I won’t mind!)

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