Looking Back & Moving Forward


Reflect.  Reevaluate.  Reset.  3 R’s.  It’s that time.  Resolutions are made.  Goals are set. Organization begins.  The New Year brings on inventory…of memories, of highs and lows, of physical items and mental wellness.  Clean slates and clean closets.

Last night I read through some of my favorite bloggers’ resolutions, and liked Emily Henderson’s the best.  Why?  They’re specific and attainable.  I laughed when I read, “…my goal will never be ‘achieve work/life balance’, that is just way to annoyingly big.”  She’s right.  That was #2 on my list, three years back — a catch-all for everything that needed my attention.  Then, there’s Heather Clawson, who instead of habit-breaking, starts her list every year with “I will-s.”  Heather mentioned that she did not set goals for 2013, and perhaps that was the reason for her feeling like she hadn’t accomplished anything noteworthy last year.  I realized that I hadn’t made any resolutions last year either.

For me 2013 was a year of high highs, and seriously low lows.  A rollercoaster.  My theme in 2012 was to “Be Present,” and somehow last year I let go of that.  More than once, I left the house without my wallet;  locked myself out of my house;  missed exits on the highway, because I was engrossed in thought or conversation on the phone (albeit, responsibly on my headset).  Just before Christmas, Tracy (yes, the Tracy I always talk about here on the blog) took me by the shoulders and gave me the “I-know-you-don’t-want-to-hear-this talk.”  Thank goodness for great friends who can get downright honest with you.  Then the very next day, I met a new client, who inspired me and made me see life in a new light.

Tracy insisted that I carve out a day every week for me.  That I stop doing things for other people, and focus on myself.  I may have to set an alert on my iPhone to do this, but I will.  It will be a day that I check at least one thing off my list towards attaining specific work or personal goals.  And whether the new client realized it, the gift she gave me is my new motto for 2014.

Make a difference.

My mom’s voice rings in my head.  She always says, “If you can’t do it well, don’t do it at all.”  So, I will apply this to everything, and try to make a difference, using all of my past mantras — being present, being kind.  Doing little things, like engaging in conversation and thanking the Starbucks barista that hands me my Venti latte to dreaming big and maybe not solving world peace, but striving to be one-eigth of a Bob Geldof.

Today is the perfect “time-out,” for those of us here in Boston to let go of our schedules and sit at home on a snow day, when the governor has declared a State of Emergency, and we’re forecasted to see 2-feet of snow along with sub-zero temperatures.  For me, it doesn’t necessarily mean “peaceful” with four kids home from school, but nonetheless, it’s a forced day at home.  I will get out that pen and paper, and set my goals.

I’ll leave with something I read in Grace Bonney’s New Year’s post.  “You will never win if you never begin.” – Helen Rowland.


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