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Gingerbread Houses

Posted by Cecilia Walker on

Our Sunday afternoon project, on an icy snow day.

(And mostly, for the benefit of my mom, who had done this with the kids last year;  for our friend, the retired teacher, who commented, “My kinda day!  Love it!”;  and another friend, who foresaw the competition and frustration of my mini-perfectionists, and said, “Christmas chaos!”  Here are the results…)

photo (49)

photo (48)

photo (53) photo (54)photo (47)

photo (50)

photo (51)


They’re getting better, since their first gingerbread house design.  We learned last year that collaborating on one house design was too much for a family full of control freaks.  So here on out, everyone get’s their own.  Next year, I’ll join in on the fun, since no one wanted to listen to my suggestions!

all photos by Ei3s

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