3 Years.

Three years ago, I started this blog.  It was something I thought I should do, not only to get myself more involved in the design/blogging/social media community, but also as a way to showcase my style, inspiration and passion for design and fashion.  The name Everything in 3’s, came to me like a light bulb in the middle of the night.  It would be a niche that I’d try to establish amongst thousands of design blogs out in the blogosphere, and made sense because of the nature of my life, and how threes and thirds are principles in the design world — yes, in interiors and architecture, but also in photography, landscaping (as I recently learned from a conversation with Louis Postel), and in writing…to name a few.

In the three years of blogging, I’ve made virtual friendships and connections with other bloggers and designers that I have yet to meet in person;  I’ve connected with readers who’ve wanted advice about their own homes;  I’ve learned about concepts and resources that I’ve had to research and write about.  It’s been amazing, overwhelming, and at times burdensome.  Recently, I thought, maybe the 3 year mark is a good point to stop blogging?  A self-proclaimed…hmmm… everything in threes…  (as I’ve thought about restructuring some of the social media I’m doing).  Sometimes, I have to explain the name.  Sometimes, I have to explain that I have triplets.  Sometimes, I get referred to as the “3’s girl.”  But the other day, I was in a home furnishings shop and the owner asked, “Are you a designer?”  (I was buying some things for a client).  To which I replied, yes, and handed her my business card.  She read aloud, “Everything in 3’s.”  I explained, yes, it’s my blog, I have triplets.  She said, “Triplets, wow!  I was thinking more about design and balance.”  BINGO, I thought with a huge smile!  She gets it.  A sign (as I am so in tune with random coincidences lately).

Then, the other day, my latest issue of House Beautiful arrived.  This is like Christmas morning to me, every month that my shelter magazines show up in the mail box.  When I finally started paging through the issue, I stopped at the home of Monica Bhargava — a creative, who does design and product development for Williams-Sonoma and Pottery Barn (a job I know too well, having done product development in my former fashion life).  Everything about her style and her home resonated with me.  My six-year-old daughters who were sitting beside me looking along, said, “Hey, that looks like our house!  That looks like our bench (a vintage find for me) and our mirror, and our colors! ” — or lack thereof of color, as my aesthetic is the same, of neutrals and layers of texture…calm and clean.

Monica Bhargava says in the article, “Someone once said that a home is like an autobiography, and my California living room is filled with things I love — …”  Amen, Monica.  My philosophy exactly.

If my 6-year olds can “get” my style, I’ve done my job.  And so…maybe I won’t stop blogging yet.


photo by Victoria Pearson, House Beautiful, December/January 2014

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