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Little Things & Little Laughs

Posted by Cecilia Walker on

Just like that.  Another year, another countdown to Christmas.  The holiday rush and stress can drag your spirits down, but it’s the little things that make this season so special and fun.  Two years ago, a great friend — who happens to be a retired third grade teacher, and an exceptionally creative and crafty chef/artist extraordinaire — gave my children a gift.  A handmade advent calendar.


Our friend (whose name I’ve omitted for reasons you’ll see later in this post), had cranked out ten of these calendars to gift to family and friends that season.  She hand-sewed and personalized each of the little ornaments for each family.



Year one, the kids enjoyed discovering each of the ornaments in all the numbered pockets.


…and as Christmas approached, we discovered a minor glitch with our calendar.  19…20…21….


…what?  She skipped over 22!  22 is missing!  It’s something that cracks us up every year now.  The school teacher forgot 22.  We give her such a hard time about it every December 1st, and it brings us such a fun laugh.  The school teacher forgot 22.

She’s embarrassed!  (So, no names credited here.)  Turns out that even our uber-crafty friend, makes mistakes.  I mean, how many people can hand sew and meticulously make 240 little personalized ornaments in one day?  Human nature.  Nobody is perfectly perfect.  This same friend has the skill, patience and thoughtfulness to make these (below) and had blogged about her knitting projects along with the clean food and recipes she’d prepare.  The girl that makes the most unbelievable, homemade bagels — and could start a business out of that, they’re sooo good — is not infallible.


It’s a little fun, that keeps us laughing and light, when the holiday stress starts to come on.  That missing 22, and our Elf on the Shelf.

Here’s a link to 14 Gorgeous Advent Calendars to Make or Buy, and a bunch of creative and precarious places that the little Elf on the Shelf has been in, that has me almost crying every time I view.

Enjoy the little things this holiday season!

photos by Ei3s



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