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If The World Changed Exhibit

Posted by Cecilia Walker on

My great friend, Sheila, moved to Singapore with her family back in June.  She sent these images to me yesterday.

Earlier this week, Sheila had a last-minute opportunity to get a private tour at the Singapore Art Museum (SAM) of an exhibit called If the World Changed.  She said that it was a moving experience but this one installation, by a Filipino artist Kiri Dalena, sadly hit home in regards to the recent typhoon.


Monument For a Present Future, 2013. Installation – Kiri Dalena


Sheila expressed, “Coping with a tragedy takes many forms.  Kiri Dalena is using her artistic talent to raise awareness of the atrocities that have happened in the Philippines. In another part of the exhibit, she had a video that took up one entire wall depicting people attending a memorial of a horrible massacre that happened in 2009, but, she had it playing in reverse.  That part was so moving to me because the significance of playing it in reverse was to take away the pain.  I stood there for a moment looking at the body parts on the floor and the video of the people left behind, and I realized that we mourn the loss of the dead but, it is those left to carry on without them that I hurt for the most.  Whether it is mother nature or humankind inflicting the horror, the process of loss is the same.”


Monument For a Present Future, 2013. Installation – Kiri Dalena


Here is a link to the exhibit and a write-up.


all photos by Sheila Igoe

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