Just Sayin’

I cringe every time the words “Just saying,” come out of my twelve-year-old’s mouth, but do appreciate really funny sayings.

I am inspired by the creativity of graphic designer, Timothy Goodman, who transformed the Fifth Avenue J.Crew Men’s Shop elevator walls with the stream of consciousness thoughts of one of their writers, Joshua.  Check out the design and the sayings, here.  J.Crew’s favorite, is:

“The only worse thing than using emoticons in conversation is using hashtags.  I think the better you are at Twitter, the worse you are at life. #truth #lesigh “

Some of my favorite gifts are all about sayings.  Especially the “Stop Talking” calling card, which I first discovered thanks to Molly Luetkemeyer.  I HAD to have them! to give out to my bold friends.  Here are more that I love:


1. YOLO Notecards |  2.  You’re Keeping it Tight | 3.  Doormat – Reed Wilson Design | 4. Cool Story Bro  5.  Stop Talking

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