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Tracy Foley is a curator by one definition.  Everyday, she is a mom, sister, daughter, friend, with a 185-pound New Foundland named Sully trailing behind her — but innately, she is a picker, finder and seeker.  I’ve even labeled her, the Brimfield Navigator.  When I met Tracy, about twenty years ago, we had that instant connection — one, where you can’t explain why, but you know there’s a common thread that links you together.  Years later we discovered, it’s our passion for design, and even deeper, it’s the story behind the design.  Just like the name of her company, Water & Main…there’s a history behind that.

We joke about how many times I’ve mentioned Water & Main on this blog — that readers must roll their eyes, saying, “another post about Tracy and Water & Main?”  Yes, peeps.  Get used to it.  I should have a tab on the menu bar just for her.  Tracy has it;  that eye, to find a needle in a haystack;  that inclination, to stop roadside at a random estate sale and uncover vintage survey maps in the attic of an antique home.  Every time I visit her wares, I say, “How?”  How did you find that!?  The back story, inevitably, is one of either pure coincidence, or Tracy’s internal compass, but always so compelling.

Once a year, Tracy hosts a trunk show to show off her finds, and give you more of a sense of her style — and…a chance to talk about the discovery process for each item.  The photo, above, is a sneak peek, but come see for yourself.


Trunk Show:  Friday, October 25th. 9am – 2pm.

Contact Tracy at for location and directions.

Can’t make it?  Set up an appointment.  Otherwise, I will see you there!

photos by Ei3s

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