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Blogging has been tough recently.  My mind has been cluttered with lots of things from my kids’ school activities to client projects, and obviously, playoff baseball.  Yesterday, I was picking out toilets for a client’s renovation.  When a friend had commented, “well that’s not so much fun,” I corrected her.    As unappealing as it may sound, I actually love shopping for toilets…every detail, every curve matters, and I pay attention to that type of stuff.  That said, toilets aren’t the most inspiring topic to write about.

Original content.  That’s what makes the great blogs great.  I may not post about never-seen before design or fashion, but do try to bring something new to the table and certainly don’t want to over-exploit current magazine spreads.  I aim to use this blog as my inspirational diary, and share hot trends or design happenings, based on my style.  Kind of like a call out to my girlfriends or like-minded design freaks to say, “Hey, did you see this?”

So, on the topic of “original”…did you see this?

Original upholstered, handmade chairs from British craftsmen at Astbury Green.

Daisy_small_1024x1024Daisy chair, Astbury Green

I love the fabrics and the wing design.  It’s like taking your favorite cues and having them right next to you in a cozy chair.


 Feline chair, Astbury Green | 1. Kate Spade leopard flats | 2. 3.1 Phillip Lim flannel shorts | 3. Pine Cone Hill striped blanket

Astbury Green is home to a beautiful collection of original art, photography, prints, sculpture and furniture by emerging artists and craftsmen.  Check out more chair designs, here.

chair images courtesy of Astbury Green

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