Sault of the Earth

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Yesterday, I was with a friend and stumbled upon Sault New England.  Everything is timing, and by arriving a minute too early a few doors down, we were drawn into this stylish menswear boutique.  An old bike, set on display in front*, was the lure for my friend, and even though we were pressed for time, I agreed…let’s (check it out).

Philip Saul, the owner and phenomenal merchandiser (in my eyes), stepped in moments after we had, handing a drink over to his employee, saying, “Who’s your favorite boss?”  Overhearing the conversation, I smiled as I mused about the unique, humorous, vintage products and clothing.  Every inch of the shop is pure eye candy, even for women, who can’t possibly leave without purchasing some type of gift.

Some of what you’ll find…


1. Sweatshirt | 2. Tote | 3. Shave Cream | 4. Apothecary matchsticks | 5. T-shirt | 6. Socks

A brilliant store.  A chance encounter.

*10/4/13 Note: original image with a vintage bicycle outside of the store was removed at the request of the photographer — as a result the change in the text above since there is no longer a photo reference.

photo via Sault New England

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