Hartford Denim Company

Jeans.  The most coveted pieces of clothing in my wardrobe.  Each pair is a go-to for whatever occasion, whether dressing up and going out, or relaxing and hanging out at home.  I spent a few years in my career learning about all types of denim, along with the different washes and sandblasting processes of getting each pair to look, feel and fit like you could live in them forever.  I pay attention to the details — the stitching, cross-hatching, whiskering, distressing — so when I spotted a pair of jeans by the Hartford Denim Company, I had to learn more, and got the sales pitch straight from three of the company’s jeansmakers.


Hartford Denim Company’s jeans are made with selvedge denim, woven on vintage shuttle looms in Japan and the United States. The jeansmakers construct each pair individually. Every rivet is set by hand, and each pair possesses slight variations and subtle touches that give the jeans their own distinctive character.  One of the best guarantees offered by the company is lifetime repairs!

Chainstitch details…


Branding details — with the state of Connecticut as the leather patch on the back waist (excuse the blurry iPhone photo).


One of the company’s jeansmakers cutting a hand stamped leather business card for me.


I have some ideas on customizing a pair for myself, with some contrast colored threads, and back-pocket stitching, and will have to check back in with them about my design!

all photos by Ei3s

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