A Day of Intention

One of my favorite Nantucket artists is Eric Holch.  One of my favorite works of his is this one.

 "September 12, 2011" by Eric Holch

“September 12, 2011” by Eric Holch

Nantucket’s Brant Point Lighthouse is the second oldest lighthouse in the United States.  On September 12, 2001, the U.S. Coast Guard — stationed footsteps from Brant Point — wrapped the American flag around the lighthouse, and the flag remained there for most of that Fall.

We lost a great friend on September 11th.  We spent two Christmas Stroll weekends out on Nantucket with our friend in 1998 and 1999, and took a group photo sitting on the rocks in front of the lighthouse where a huge wreath hangs during the holidays.  So, Eric Holch’s print carries so much meaning for me.

I will be cranking Two Step (Dave Matthews Band) all day, while my thoughts are with our friends and the families who lost their loved ones twelve years ago.

image with permission:  ©Eric Holch

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