Brimfield Fall 2013 — Trends & Trendsetters

For several years now, we’ve seen a huge industrial influence on the Brimfield fields.  Reclaimed, repurposed, salvaged factory items have been all the rage.  Last year, I caught glimpses of a movement towards repurposed military and aviation furnishings on a few of the fields.  However, as I mentioned yesterday, my new motto is “brass, glass and bad ass.”

Metallics have resurged in the home — polished and brushed nickel finishes are getting swapped out for brass and copper fixtures and fittings — and, evidence of this trend’s longevity, whether repurposed goods or mid-century finds, was confirmed by the heavy presence at the show.


Glass bottles, mason jars and giant demijohns are seen on nearly every field, but this trip we took note of these wide-mouthed ones.

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A one-time find by one vendor, of scrap-glass pieces from a glass kiln in a beautiful turquoise color, makes for striking tabletop show pieces.


The hottest trendsetters — based on the fact that everything they create gets knocked-off by retailers and mass-produced for catalogs (i.e. conveyor belt chandeliers seen here) — are the artists and designers at Cleveland Art.  Their booth was flooded with hand-blown glass sconces, chandeliers, bowls and votives.



The most impressive pieces displayed by Cleveland Art were sphere-pendant chandeliers made from reclaimed scallop chain nets, collected from the New Jersey Shore after storms.


The bigger piece (below) took sixty-five hours to construct!


While the industrial vibe has continued on, I liked how artisans were taking the trend to the next level.


Industrial Edison lighting has a new feel with brass table lamps (above) and a clever way to hang pendants from antique wooden pulleys and handles (below).


Industrial tables with reclaimed tops and salvaged bases can be found in tent after tent, but more than once I spotted a new twist…like this one, with iron and driftwood legs.


Or with new materials, like marble, used to construct a reclaimed rolling-bar table…


After walking up and down aisle after aisle, colors seem to pop up and inspire.


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1970s Green…

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…and 2013 Color of the Year, Emerald.


I’m always drawn to reds, whites and blues.

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The oversized “Havens Classic Auto” sign was a prop from Cameron Diaz and Tom Cruise’s film Knight and Day (2010).  |  Trying to make words out of metal letters is like playing Boggle.

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One-of-a-kind table lamps made with stacked enamel cups in white, and a set-of-seven theater seats from Barcelona, Spain in blue.


all photos by Ei3s

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