Water & Main at Secret Cove 24th Annual Decorator Show House

The Museums of Old York’s 24th Annual Decorator Show House in Kittery Point, Maine will conclude its month-long run this week on August 15th.  Fortunately, I was able to squeeze in a visit yesterday to Lawrence Cove with Tracy Foley of Water & Main.  It was a picture perfect day along the coast of Maine and we were excited to support the designers in our community who put an incredible amount of effort into transforming this home.

Months ago, Barbara Hirsch of Elza B. Design, had enlisted Tracy’s help with some art and accessories from Water & Main for her space.  So, we were anxious to see what Barbara did with the pieces on the Cove View Porch.


Design by Barbara Elza Hirsch | photo by Cecilia Walker

Of the two defined spaces on the porch (the other a sitting area) this dining area is modern, organic and functional with weatherproof furnishings.  The Masters chairs by Kartell are fluid, with their curvy backs, and yet functional, made with a polypropylene material.  Juxtaposed with the teak table and green stool from Water & Main, it is one of my favorite spots in the house.

Some other glimpses of Barbara’s space and hints from Water & Main…


 from Water & Main:  Japanese glass floats, nautical rope, antique compass (under cloche), sea fan wall art, vintage oars

Frank Hodge‘s Study, with an ocean view, was also a highlight for me, as I had the privilege to work alongside Frank at the Junior League Show House.  I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the oversized mixed-media painting that I fell in love with in his space was created by Frank himself.

Mixed media painting by Frank Hodge | photo by Cecilia Walker

Tracy and I were also lucky to have met the Pool House designer, Valerie Jorgensen, who walked us through her design process and transformation of what previously was the garden shed.

Exterior of the Pool House | photo by Cecilia Walker


Another designer, we went to support, is Yvonne Blacker of Trio Design who tackled multiple spaces — “Poolside Portal & Petite Powder Room” and “Syrena’s Room & Bath” — with sneak peeks here, and here from Linda Merrill’s visit.

(**8/28/2013 — Please note:  Yvonne Blacker designed the bathrooms, “Petite Powder Room” and “Syrena’s Bath.”  Designers, Rosanne Palazola & Katherine Hawkins of the Trio Design team, were each solely responsible for the designs of the “Poolside Portal” and “Syrena’s Room” respectively.)

If you’re in the New England area and can try to make it to the show house in its last week, we highly recommend stopping for lunch in downtown Kittery at AJ’s Wood Grill Pizza.  We had the best salads and lobster roll there — the freshest ingredients with organic pizza dough and homemade sauces and dressings.  Definitely a MUST!


“Secret Cove” 2 Lawrence Lane, Kittery Point, Maine

all photos by Ei3s


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