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To Instagram or Not?

Posted by Cecilia Walker on

Apparently, Instagram is here to stay.  It’s just one more social media outlet for me to try to wrap my head around.  As it is, I can barely keep up with my own personal Facebook account, and just recently — per the advice of a former mentor — set up a profile on LinkedIn, and am not even sure if I did that all correctly?  I admit, I finally succumbed to the power of Twitter, and need to spend more time organizing and adding to my Pinterest boards.  But when is enough, enough?  Or is it actually possible to balance all of the updating, tweeting, pinning…oh yeah, and post on a blog, manage client projects while conquering motherhood and a household of four children?

I remember reading something that Design Mom’s, Gabrielle Blair, said early on about her reality.  She said if she wrote a really great blog post, it meant that her house was a mess.  Somehow, she’s managed to find her balance, along with much garnered success and top accolades.

For me, the jury is still out on Instagram…but I may be swayed.  The Huffington Post lists these as “The Best Fashion Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following,” and the IFB (Independent Fashion Bloggers) shares these 5 Instagram Tips from top bloggers.  Lots to ponder…and view!  The best I can do at this moment is share what’s currently on my iPhone.


The Intimidator 305 with a 300′ drop was thankfully closed, so I only had to ride the Dominator (mind you, it’s a floorless rollercoaster) with my son. | A kitchen backsplash install in progress | On a building in Bethesda, MD — “Fashion is Architecture; it is a matter of proportions” – Coco Chanel | Catching up with longtime friend, Aileen.

photos by Ei3s

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