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Brimfield Decisions

Posted by Cecilia Walker on

I spent the day yesterday with Tracy Foley (Water & Main) and Sheila Igoe (Igoe Creative) at Brimfield.  Every year is different.  We’ve sloshed through puddles in the pouring rain, carried heavy furnishings, pulled wagons with our children (oh, wait! that was just me) and each time have relished in every heart-pounding, panic-purchasing experience.  The past three years, we’ve had the pleasure of participating in the #Brimfield Tweet-ups, and have enjoyed seeing the familiar faces of those in the design community that have the same passions as we do.  (So, thank you! to Gretchen Aubuchon, Shane Inman and all those involved in making the VIP tent possible.)

With every trip to Brimfield, there is always that one thing that haunts us on the Route 20 stretch through Sturbridge back home.  For me it was these mid-century chairs:


Robert Kelly, of BCWest, gave me the chance to give my best cash offer, over another buyer who would come back at the end of the day.  I told him that I’d round the aisle and make a decision, and as I walked away, I knew I would never see those chairs again.  I called him at 7am this morning, just on the off-chance they’d still be available (and knowing Tracy would be heading back to Brimfield today), but sure enough…Bam!  Gone.  Lesson learned.

Otherwise, I’m pretty pleased with what I brought home!

We were all in agreement.  We didn’t see any new trends.  Last year, I commented about a military trend that I saw amongst the industrial things we’ve seen for a few years now.  It’s cool to watch how home décor and fashion merge with all the military influences on the runways — and love Fashion + Décor for that too!  So, I didn’t come home with much in the way of photographs to document this trip.  But, for those who need an eye-candy fix, check out Sarah Winchester’s beautiful photos from her visit earlier in the week!

Did you go to Brimfield?  Share your links below.

photo by Ei3s


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