Opening Day at #Brimfield

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The Brimfield Antique Show begins today, and the Tweets are rolling in.  Some of my favorites are listed below, especially the comment that #Brimfield is like “Christmas morning.”


It’s exciting to hear that renowned designers, Celerie Kemble and Matthew Patrick Smyth will be attending this year’s Brimfield Tweet-Up!  What’s a Tweet-Up?  Co-host, Cynthia Bogart of The Daily Basics, explains:

“A Tweet-up.  It’s a party where folks who ‘tweet’ together can get together in real life. Twitter, that online tool where people talk all day long, has become a part of thousands of people’s daily lives. In 140 characters or less, a Tweeter has conversations with ‘followers’ in their ‘community,’ where they discuss their interests and businesses and share information. In the case of The Brimfield Tweet-up, most of the Tweeters who will attend are in the interior design, antiques or arts fields. What’s a Tweet-up like? The best way to describe it is like walking into a party with dear old friends who have the exact same interests as you. The only difference is you’ve never met them in person—only by tweeting with them online.”  (New England Home)

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And, don’t forget to keep up with the “chatt-ah” (as we, New Englanders, like to say) over on Twitter.

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