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The White Pants Rule

Posted by Cecilia Walker on

white pants

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“Can I wear white pants?”  I am asked this question often.  Especially this time of year — the transition period between a New England Spring (which can mean 40 degree weather) and Summer.  The traditional rule of No White before Memorial Day and after Labor Day, is just that.  One of tradition and etiquette.

My answer:  Follow the weather.  If it’s over 60 degrees, go for it, as long as it’s April (I think I may be in the camp of No White before Easter), though I reserve wearing white pants at night for the summertime.  I would, however, break the rule for winter whites (in wools and appropriate Fall/Winter fabrics) and super stylish white tuxedo pants — and yes to resorts, vacations in tropical places, of course.  Otherwise, surprisingly (to myself), I guess I’m conservative on this one.

If you don’t like my answer, try these:

1.  A video clip and visual of Do’s and Don’ts:

2.  Stick to the rule, according to Social Primer, when it comes to “Arenas of Impression.”

3. Wear white immediately!  Says the Huffington Post.

Are you a rule-breaker? A stickler for etiquette? or somewhere in between?  Sound in below.

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