A Good Egg

Arts and crafts are a daily activity here in our home, so we’re no strangers to glue, paint, popsicle sticks, scissors and yarn.  As a college kid, my summer job for three consecutive summers, was Arts & Crafts Director for a day camp in Vienna, Virginia.  Needless to say, it makes me smile when I see the creativity that my children have, and the pride that exudes when they say, “Mom, look what I made!”

As far as the holidays go, we make our own birthday cards and have attempted building gingerbread houses for a few years, however up until now, I’ve deprived my kids of dip-dyeing and decorating Easter eggs.  This, mainly because when I think about the process, I’m not at all thrilled by the store-bought kits.  Last year, I read about what I thought was the coolest Easter egg-painting tradition — which involves a get-together with friends and family — held by designer, Lulu deKwiatkowski, in her back yard.  And this year, I’m totally inspired!

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 Eggs decorated by Lulu deKwiatkowski


Handwritten eggs by Alisa Burke


Watercolor easter eggs by spoonforkbacon.com

Quotes and bar codes by Marit Polderman-Hillebrand

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