New RH Gallery in Boston

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Deconstructed Shelter Arm Chair

The long-awaited grand opening of Restoration Hardware’s new store, RH Gallery, in Boston drew A-listers in the 40,000 square foot building designed in 1862 by architect William G. Preston — formerly the Historic Museum of Natural History and home of Louis Boston for twenty years.  The March 6th gala was a bust — literally — over capacity and shut down by the Boston Police and Fire Departments.

The two-year renovation resulted with interior features of a restored gold-coffered ceiling, a 24-foot Eiffel Tower model and a reinterpretation of an 1892 traction and counterweight elevator.  Be sure to check out the photos from the Boston Globe and Architectural Digest.

I was headed there yesterday to check it out, but ended up meeting a friend/client at McLaughlin Upholstery and had a great experience meeting Kevin and Jeannie McLaughlin.  We learned a little about the history of their third-generation company and Jeannie’s former career as a fashion executive in New York, which resonated with me all too well.

As I drove home, I thought about how a two-minute decision to switch gears and head over to the McLaughlins’ showroom and workshop had made my day.  Sure the opulence and grandeur of RH’s new store is exciting, but an afternoon meeting great people and supporting their business of heritage-built custom furniture seemed so much more rewarding.

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