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Bobby’s Nursery

Posted by Cecilia Walker on

One of the frustrations clients express, is the wait.  Specifically, waiting for the arrival of custom designed furniture.  It seems much easier to page through a catalog, or to click online to make a purchase, however, I believe you may sacrifice quality and style for ease and quick shipment.  Case in point, Bobby’s nursery.  We ordered this dresser for a couple expecting a baby early in February.  The order was placed mid-December, and 10 weeks later was ready to ship.  With a freight lead-time of 2 more weeks, the total wait has been, just under 3 months.  When we discussed the delivery for early next week, my client’s husband said, “I’ll believe it, when I see it.”

It looks pretty fantastic!  To me, worth the wait.


At the time we placed the order, we did not know the baby’s sex.  Grey was the perfect neutral.  It can go either way, and was designed to grow with the child.  The dresser has clean, modern lines without being too contemporary and we both love the pewter hardware.

Now that we know the baby is a boy, we can put together Bobby’s nursery.



1. LuluDK for Schumacher fabric | 2. West Elm lamp |3. Schumacher pillow, via Etsy.com | 4.  “Easterly Whale,” by SeptemberWren | 5.  Madeline Weinrib flatweave rug

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