{Ei3s} Elsewhere: NYFW Street Style Fall 2013 — Color & Craziness

 photo by Adam Katz Sinding

photo by Adam Katz Sinding

I don’t know what’s more exciting, the anticipation of runway fashion or the reveal of street-style trends outside the shows?  Either way, there’s tons of eye candy.  I’ve been reviewing NYFW all week-long, and will post my favorites and talk trends tomorrow after the event closes today with Marc Jacobs.  For now, I’ll send you elsewhere to check-out some of the fashion worn by attendees, broken down into 3 C’s — color, craziness and commonsense!

1) Bright colors everywhere!

2)  Is it all contrived for the paparazzi?  Here’s what the New York Times says about street-style becoming a circus.

3)  Elle‘s round-up of street style by ninety-three true stylemakers, models, writers and bloggers.


photo by Adam Katz Sinding via W Magazine

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