NYIGF 2013: The Back Story


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Fifteen years ago, I sat in a conference room and waited for Joanne Domeniconi, then, the head of the product development team at Keds®, to introduce the upcoming sneaker and shoe line to the merchandising and design teams.  When Joanne does a presentation, people absorb every single word.  Why?  She is creative, inventive and, quite honestly, one of the most inspirational women I’ve met.  So, imagine my surprise when I discovered that Joanne, now co-founder and chief discovery officer of the Daily Grommet, would be moderating a panel for the seminar “Design Concept to Market: A Holistic Approach for Success,” at the NYIGF.

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Unfortunately, I missed the seminar.  But took the cue to re-connect with my former mentor.  In the process, Joanne inspired me once again.  When explaining the philosophy behind the Daily Grommet, she has said, “Products on a shelf can’t talk, right?  This is about getting the voice of the creator to the consumer.”  Seriously?  How awesome is that?  Joanne and her team developed a platform to share great design and the stories behind the products every single day.

With that in mind, I walked the aisles of the NYIGF inspired by the creative minds, the designers and innovators of the beautiful art, accessories and furnishings in front of me.  I met Alicia Adams of Alicia Adams Alpaca;  was moved by the photography of husband and wife team, Vicki and Tom, of Itinerant Studio, and their stories of traveling with their daughter from place to place to work; and learned about the design collaboration between friends, Mitali Seth and Lovisa Shergill, of Allem Studio.  I was in the moment, doing what I love — connecting with people and surrounded by great design.

When it comes down to it, life is about people and their stories.  Thanks Joanne for reminding me!


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