{Ei3s} Elsewhere: Feng Shui Tips, Jenna Lyons & Life Quote Incorporated


Time for some link love…

On Design:  Feng Shui expert, Anita Rosenberg’s tips for increasing the positive energy in your home.

On Fashion:  I didn’t realize that Jenna Lyons has been with J.Crew for half her life — 22 years.  Did you?  Read on, here, in the New York Times.

On Life:  YOLO.  Only yesterday did I learn the meaning.  You Only Live Once.  So go make it matter and pursue excellence!  Be like Jeff Archer and Tom Losee, founders of the YoloBoard paddleboard, or like Bert and John Jacobs, brothers and co-founders of Life is Good®, and brand a quote!  Why not dream big?


image via Pedantique


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