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Denim Trend: What’s the Skinny?

Posted by Cecilia Walker on

skinny1. J Brand | 2. Rag & Bone | 3. Current Elliot

According to The Guardian, skinny jeans are the fashion trend that refuses to die.  My favorite line in the article by Paul Cocozza is, “Skinny jeans are less a fashion choice than a default setting.”  Pretty much sums it up for anyone that is questioning whether or not to toss out the pairs you’ve been wearing for a few years now, or for the person who is finally succumbing to the trends of the masses, and buying their first pair.  Some of the mindset has been that skinny jeans make a statement of cultural rebellion — think punk rockers with Converse high-tops — however, Cocozza keeps her wits about her and says, “…if you really wanted to rebel right now, you’d wear bootlegs. ”  This made me smile, as my favorite pair of jeans at the moment are these, with an “elephant” bell-bottom.

In the end, you have to wear what you are comfortable in.  Having worked for a major denim manufacturer, and merchandised in a time when flares and wide leg jeans were more than 50% of an assortment, I know, that the rage of skinny jeans too shall pass.  The question is when.  For now, it seems they are here to stay.  The only trend to be cautious of is the printed denim trend, which may have died? or who knows, may still have legs (no pun intended) and dominate this Spring?  Going forward, it appears as though embellishment is way to push the envelope:  leather, waxed or coated jeans, studded, ripped and zipped.

Any opinions?  Sound in below.

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