Christmas Giving

photo by Michael Graydon

photo by Michael Graydon

On Friday, December 14th, my husband had come home from a week-long trip and after greeting the kids, turned to me and said, “I’m sick to my stomach about what happened in Connecticut.”  I was oblivious — had been running around all day, and not once turned on the television nor logged onto a computer — and said, “What happened?”

The next morning we heard from friends and family.  A friend (of my husband’s family) has children that attend Sandy Hook Elementary school, and they were unharmed.  My girlfriends warned me not to watch the news, and even so, throughout last week whenever I spoke to them, they were crying and distraught.  While I heeded their advice, I found it difficult to be inspired about anything, and thus the lack of posts here on Ei3s.

What has inspired me is the kindness in people’s hearts.  That IS what Christmas is all about after all.  I’ve been touched by stories of random acts of kindness — from people very close to me, to those I don’t know at all.

Today it is hard to feel Christmas joy, when the Newtown community is enduring much pain and sadness.  It is, however, comforting to hear that many people are reaching out to them to help — an “outpouring of support” (here).

Merry Christmas.  Peace and love.

 photo by Michael Graydon

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