Add Some Color to Black Friday

After spending many years in the retail industry focusing on Black Friday, I tend to stay home, away from big box stores and shopping malls.  I must admit, though, that a day in the city — on Fridays after Thanksgiving — is a lot of fun, as you can feel the energy and excitement of the holiday season.

If you happen to be wandering down Newbury Street today, make sure you stop by Arden Gallery, and check out Margaret Gerding‘s “New Palette,” exhibition.  On display until November 28th, her latest paintings are a departure from her tranquil landscapes.  In bright oranges, pinks and purples, these are my favorite three:

“Spring Green,” 2012, oil on panel 36″ x 36″

“New Red,” 2012, oil on panel 36″ x 36″

“Colors of Spring,” 2012, oil on panel 36″ x 36″


images:  ©Margaret Gerding courtesy of Arden Gallery

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