Closing Time

It’s over!  For months, I was privileged to work alongside a talented and wonderfully supportive group of thirty-five designers at the JLB Show House.  As glamorous as it turned out, there were some hot summer days when we were elbow-to-elbow, covered in plaster dust, borrowing ladders, hammers, nails and even paint from each other.  On Opening Night, I overheard someone say, “Well, we’re all kind of competing with each other…” which I guess has some truth to it.  But for me, it was a different experience — maybe because I’m a newcomer (my first show house).  I loved the camaraderie, not just amongst the thirty-five designers, but with all of the contractors, electricians, wallpaper installers, painters…and then the professional photographers, who were often doing shoots side-by-side as well.  The Boston design community came together to support the Junior League’s mission and committment to volunteering, and I feel honored to have been a part this success.

with Elizabeth Benedict and Chris Lentine of Nardone Electric

With that said, and the impending Thanksgiving holiday, I am filled with gratitude and have to thank many people.  So here goes….(and if you stay with me to the end, there’s a link to the celebratory photos from Sunday night.)

To the Junior League committee of Elizabeth Tyminski, Anita MacKinnon, Angie Foss, Lindsay Callahan and President, Cynthia Reuter — I’ve enjoyed getting to know each of you and feel lucky that for whatever reason, you picked me to join this veteran group of designers.  It has been so fulfilling for me, personally and creatively.

To my “neighbors” — Elizabeth Benedict, John Coles, Jeanne Finnerty, Diana Kiker & Janet HeydeMarilyn McLeod, Kay McKallagat, Kris Shaffer.  You all know how I feel…and I’ll miss seeing you everyday!

To the talented and social-media saavy, Ana Donohue, Laurie Gorelick, Kristen Rivoli, Mally Skok and photographer, Michael J. Lee (Elizabeth, Jeanne & Marilyn too!) — It’s been wonderful to “follow” you and your work, and then meet you IRL (“in real life” as they say)!  And whew!  No more #JLBShowhouse hash tags!

The veterans — Hilary Bovey, Michael Carter, Susan Dearborn, Janet Gaffey, Frank Hodge, Suzanne Logan, Janet Marena, Diane Ramponi & Sue Welsh, Paula & Kate McCusker and Gerald Pomeroy — for your kindness and graciousness.

To the South Shore crew – Diana Frucci and Donna Morgan.  I will see you in the ‘hood.

To Scott Bell & Susan Schaub, Andra Birkerts, Karen Brown, Dibby Flint Hooker, Kathleen Maloney, Roger Pelissier, Beverly Spear and Lisa Tweed.  Due to our room locations or scheduling, I didn’t have as much time to converse with you, but your rooms have inspired me!

To Stephanie Rossi.  The BEST for last (at least, in my book).  Your creativity and your talent ROCKS!  While I loved all of the rooms in the house (and have already told you in person) I must admit that, your space was my absolute favorite!

To Chris Lentine.  I appreciate your kindness and willingness to help me with anything and everything!

To Eric Roth. Thank you for your patience after a long day of shooting — and for the Simon & Garfunkel serenade.

And finally, a very special thanks to those who helped me transform that Back Entrance and Hallway:  Rosario P. Velasquez ASID, Sheila Igoe of Igoe Creative, Tracy Foley of Water & Main, Michael Walker of Broken Tree Design, Sean Delaney of Delaney Antique Clocks;  Frank & Joy Smith of Fleming’s Lighting of Cohasset, Graham & Brown, Serina Aidasani – Gita & Associates, New York;  Cathy Journalist & Jay Bowyer – Schumacher, Boston Design Center;  Jessica Ritchie & Tammy Couture – Farrow & Ball, Boston Design Center;  Katharine Brown of The Paint ExchangeAmber Waterhouse;  Pamela Walker;  John Joyce of Old Grove Partners;  Joseph Bruno Painting, and Jerry Arcari of Landry & Arcari

Check out the final good-bye!  Mally Skok posted a bunch of photos, from our celebratory toast on Sunday night, over on her Facebook page.

photo by Ei3s

And because I’ve been inspired by so much music over the past few days…

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