Design R-Evolution

I love when things come back full circle to you.  Two years ago, Sheila Igoe of Igoe Creative had designed this fabric for me.

The fabric was going to be the wallpaper (in the background) on this blog site, and Sheila’s design inspiration came from a cursive “E”and the number “3” (from Everything in 3‘s).  The “E” as a backwards 3 was Sheila’s original concept (see below).

This design was the blog header for the first year on this blog:

 The 3 colors — pink, chartreuse and teal — from the logo were carried over into the fabric design.  The half circles on the left are in pink (like the E), the half circles on the right are chartreuse (like the 3) and the teal line going down the middle, represents the color of “..verything..” in the middle.  Clever, huh?

So the other day when I saw this Jonathan Adler for Kravet Collection fabric, I knew I HAD to have it somewhere in my home.  I love the bright colors and the velvet texture.  When I looked at it again, I smiled.  I see E’s and 3’s.

images: (1,2,3) courtesy of Igoe Creative; (4) by Ei3’s

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