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Instant Karma Art

Posted by Cecilia Walker on

Original John Lennon “Instant Karma” pop art piece by William Emmerson.

This piece is comprised of 25 “Instant Karma” singles encased in a clear Lucite frame. The single for “Instant Karma” was released in 1970 on Apple Records and is backed by Yoko Ono’s “Who Has Seen the Wind?” which Lennon produced.  William Emmerson collected the singles over the years and are very rare originals.

I love the lucite frame and everything from the graphics on the label to the scale, and its collected history.  And…wish my fairy godmother, or karma, would send this my way!  (It can’t hurt to put it out there, right?)

I’ve had my luck with karma as of late…maybe my double rainbow (?)…so will leave you with this.

images:  Emmerson Troop |  1stdibs | quote

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