2012 JLB Show House: The Green Room

I have an annual wager with Vanessa Francis about the Color of the Year.  She was spot on last year, by guessing early that Tangerine Tango would be it.  Though, as she points out in her post, it wasn’t a difficult guess.  For 2013’s Color of the Year, she’s betting on Emerald or Grayed Jade – which is most likely correct (using the same deduction method as last year) –  and as I had mentioned, there happens to be 3 different hues of green on Pantone’s Spring Fashion Color Report.

When I see the words “green room,” it takes me back several years ago, to the days when our friend (a former NHL player) would invite us to his games, and afterwards we’d meet him in the Green Room.  This was always a treat, as we’d sit at a table with our friends giggling when celebrities, like Susan Sarandon, Tim Robbins or Darius Rucker, would be a table away.  So I love it that one space at the JLB Show House, is called the Green Room.

The Green Room designer is Elizabeth Benedict of Elizabeth Home Decor and Design, Inc.  You can get a sneak peek of her space (in progress) over on her blog, Space to Grace, and the green paint color she’s using on Twitter.  It may after all be 2013’s Color of the Year.

Everyday the show house spaces are evolving and I am always blown away by the other designers’ creativity.  Definitely a wow factor in each room, so don’t miss it and go purchase your tickets online before Oct 12!  (Tickets will be available at the door too, but at $35 each).

For another progress report on the JLB Show House update, go check out the New England Home blog’s latest post!

image via KRFTD

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