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JLB Show House Progress

Posted by Cecilia Walker on

Painting, plastering and wall prep finished up this week in my space at the Junior League of Boston 2012 Show House.  Yesterday, I took a peek at some of the other spaces and the progress is so exciting!  There are so many talented designers involved in this project and each one’s creativity is truly amazing and so inspiring.  My “room” is the Back Entrance/Hallway (map here) on the first floor (of three floors) at the estate.   Compared to many of the other room transformations, I feel like I have minor challenges (i.e. linoleum flooring, fluorescent lighting).

One of the best things about participating in this collaborative project is meeting the other designers.  Four of the designers who are decorating the spaces adjacent to me have participated in previous JLB Show Houses, so it’s nice to have their support, get their advice and learn from their experiences.  They are Kris Schaffer (Ladies Room), Marilyn MacLeod (Flower Room), Jeanne Finnerty (Cloak Room) and John S. Coles (Back Staircase).  I’ve also had the pleasure of meeting with Lisa Tweed Romano (2nd Floor Back Staircase and Sitting Area).  Kris, Marilyn, Jeanne, John & Lisa have all shared their designs with me, so each visit to the show house is just a fun discovery — for me to watch their spaces develop and their ideas come to life.

My walls were in pretty bad shape, so my painters had to plaster and smooth out some pretty obvious bumps and flaws.  Because the home is historic, we are restricted from changing the original woodwork and stain.  Since I’m planning on wallpapering the walls, the only painting to do was on the ceiling and crown molding.  Initially, I wanted to do everything in high gloss, but the cost/timing to smooth out the ceilings and have them be flawless, was out of my budget and work schedule.  So, I settled for high gloss paint on the crown and a 20% sheen, Farrow & Ball Estate Eggshell, on the ceiling.


Stages of progress…

Fluorescent lighting removed and shifted placement.

Farrow & Ball’s Blackened No. 2011 on ceiling (Estate Eggshell) and crown (Full Gloss).

The entrance at the side door (before):

And now, painted:

No major transformation here…the smooth walls, you can’t appreciate from the photos, but that high gloss looks nice!

If you want to see a preview of some of the other designs, check out Kyle Hoepner’s post on the New England Home Blog.

You can also follow along on up-to-date chatter and happenings at the Show House via Twitter, @JLBShowHouse.  And for detailed information about the dates, participating designers and tickets, go here.

***10/10/2012:  See much better “Before” photos of my space over on Water & Main’s blog.

photos by Cecilia Walker for Ei3’s


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